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Super Trainer

Super Trainer software was developed in 1994 by Rade Šolak, Dragan's father, as a training tool for young Dragan. It has been constantly upgraded ever since. Hundreds of chess players have used it to improve their decision-making process.

Suitable for:

  • Elimination of unnecessary blunders

  • Improvement of time management

  • Play optimization

  • Psychological training

Openings Trainer

Openings Trainer was constructed in 1990. Its basic purpose was the memorization of chess theory, but the newest version has many added features. There are two basic modes, the learning mode and the testing mode. A demo opening database is included.

Main functions:

  • Efficient memorization of theory

  • Easy import from a PGN database

  • Precise opening knowledge testing

  • Special tree view

Camel Chess Trainer

Camel Chess Trainer is the latest addition to our software family. This program emulates the play against top grandmasters. All moves have been analyzed in depth by super-fast cloud engines. As soon as the game is finished, a report is generated, highlighting the critical mistakes.

Suitable for:

  • Playing virtual games against leading grandmasters

  • Quick inspection of key mistakes

  • Precise measurement of player's strength

  • Raising the motivation level

  • Group work with subsequent analysis